Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project #13: SMART board Instruction

This project was a collaborative effort by Jenna Baxter, Kelsey Robinson, Kristan Steele, and Woodie Holloway. For our SMART board instruction we taught chose to teach a lesson about the Solar System to fourth graders. We taught the students about each planet and then played a game to reinforce what we had taught. The students then had to go home and take a test. Here are the results from their tests.

As you can see all of the students done a great job! Only one student missed one question. I think this shows that we did a good job of teaching the lesson and asking questions on the test that came from that lesson. The students also were great about participating in the lesson and the review game. I believe the game was instrumental in reinforcing what we taught.

This was my first time using a SMART board so I was quite intimidated! After a few practice runs I felt that I understood how to work the board much better. I believe this is a great tool that can really get the students involved and interested in learning. I also liked using Google forms. This is an easy way to create tests and send them to students. All of the answers from the tests are saved in an easy to read spreadsheet. You can also view the summary of responses as shown above. This way of seeing the results really lets you see how well the students understood the test and lessons. I really enjoyed working on this project and felt like I learned a lot about teaching with the SMART board.

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