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Blog Assignment 2

Did You Know 3.0
By Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod

Wow, the statistics in this video were astounding! The way that technology has advanced, over what is not considered a great period of time, is truly mind blowing. To think, it took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million, and then it only took Facebook 2 years to reach 50 million. If technology continues to grow at the expected rate, I wonder if there will be any jobs for humans to do. Why pay a person to do a job that a computer can do just as well, if not better. I think it is a little frightening to think that in just a few short years there will be a computer that is smarter than the human race. I really feel the need the expand my knowledge on the computer greatly, otherwise I will not be able to compete on the job market.

One other statistic that I found interesting on this video was that "25% of India's population with the highest IQ's is greater than the total population of the US". This is really eye opening. Our nation tends to think that we are the smartest and greatest nation and this proves that this in not true. We must continue to expand our knowledge in all subjects if we are to continue to compete in the world market. I believe that I learned a lot of good statistics in this video, and am glad to have this insight into the technological world.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
By Mathew Needleman

I think this was a cute video that shows the sad truth. While technology has advanced and is shown to be useful in the working world and in the health care field ( as well as most other parts of society), are classrooms are still behind the times. I know that we did not have computers in our classrooms through any of my schooling. If you wanted to use a computer you had to go to the school library, and even then your options were limited. There were a few computer classes that made use of computers to teach the students, but once again even this teaching was limited. If we can use technology to keep people alive or speak to people on the other side of the world, why can't it be used in the classroom to give students more ways to expand their learning.

While I think that technology in the classroom is important, I do understand there has to be restrictions to keep students from coming across certain sites not suitable for them. With training at an early age and the restriction of sites not deemed appropriate, computers in the classroom can have a tremendous effect on learning. How great would it be for your students, even in the elementary setting, to be able to connect with other students from around the world and to see what they are learning and to be able to compare notes. I hope that I am able to incorporate some of the things I learn to help my students better understand technology and its role in the society.

The Importance of Creativity

I thoroughly agree with Ken Robinson. Schools tend to focus solely on what they believe are the fundamentals of education, and in doing so they cut programs that foster creativity in children. When money is tight in schools the first programs to go are the arts and extracurricular activities. While I don't believe that cutting mathematics programs or language arts would be better, I do believe that there has to be a cut off point. If we keep taking these opportunities from our children, how will we ever know their full potential.

I also liked what was said about adults being afraid to make mistakes, and thus losing their creativity. Most of us were taught not to make mistakes and if we did something that was not exactly as the teacher told us, we were wrong. This kind of thinking on the teacher's part teaches children that is not okay to be creative and come up with your own ways to solve problems. As future educators, we should be looking for ways to help students show their creativity and to teach them that they can solve problems on their own if given some tools. Each student learns in their own way,and just because it is not the way you learn does not mean that it is wrong. Give students a chance to show you what they can do and it may surprise you.

Cecelia Gault Interviews Sir Ken Robinson

Cecelia Gault seems like a wonderful student who is very eager to learn. The way she conducted herself during the interview and through her research really shows what a great education she has had so far. While everyone cannot go to a Performing Arts school, I do believe it is important to incorporate the arts and technology into all schools.

I think the best way to ensure that all of our students have an equal opportunity at education is to allow them to show their creative side and allow them to use what they know about computers and videos to help. By doing projects, such as interviewing experts in their field, we are allowing the students to broaden their horizons and learn things they may not have otherwise. It is important to cater to all your students needs, to the best of your abilities, to ensure they get everything they can out of the learning experience.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis has done something that most teachers only dream of getting their students to do: learning skills on their own with only small guidance from the teacher. I think she has done a great job incorporating technology into her classroom. To see these students working together with other students from all around the world is truly amazing. In today's society it really is important to know how to use different software in order to compete for jobs, or advancement in a current job.

Vicki Davis has given her students an invaluable tool that will continue to help them throughout their lives. It is one thing to teach your students, but it is so much more when you give them the tools to teach themselves. I will try my best to use similar techniques to Mrs. Davis in order to give my students every opportunity to receive a great education.

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