Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Assignment 11

Ms. Cassidy's Class

Ms. Cassidy's first grade class in Canada

This video is a must see for all aspiring teachers! Who would have thought that first graders could effectively use technology in the classroom? As someone who wants to teach kindergarten or first grade, I find the information Ms. Cassidy has to offer very important. She really does a great job of introducing these students to blogs, wikis, Skype, and all sorts of other great technology! I thought there would be no way to incorporate what I am learning in EDM310 to a classroom full of students so young. I was clearly wrong.

The thing that I liked most that Ms. Cassidy did with her students was the blogging. As she said, why would students want to write with pencil and paper for one person to see when they can use a blog for hundreds to see. It is very important for students to get feedback on their work and what a great way to do that! I was truly astounded at how well the students did with the blogging also. They seemed as if they were born knowing how to use computers. I find this great because I did not even own a computer until I was in middle school, and did not really use one until high school. In a changing world, it is great to be able to keep our students up to date.

I also liked the use of Skype in the classroom and this is something I would like to incorporate when I become a teacher. Children really like to interact with people from around the world, and what a great way to do that. The possibilities are endless. Your students can talk to authors of their favorite books or other students in another country. This is a great way to keep young students interested in education.

One of the difficulties I may run into when incorporating technology in the classroom is parents disapproving. While Ms. Cassidy said that most of her student's parents were excited about technology being used, I think the ideas may be different here. With all of the recent problems with teachers crossing the line when using technology, parents may be a little harder to convince. If the parents can know that there children will be safe, they may be a bit more open minded. I would do this by using some of the suggestions by Ms. Cassidy. She says that she only uses her students first names and does not let the pictures correspond to the names. This may help comfort some of the unsure parents. Also letting the parents know that the blogs and other tools will only be used for educational purposes is important.

The benefits of using technology in the classroom, even at such a young age, are numerous. First, students are learning how to correctly use computers in order to learn. They no longer see them as just things to play video games on or watch cartoons. Another important benefit is building professional relationships with people around the world. While most people have had pen pals or talked to people from all over through the phone, now you can see these people and know who you are talking to. You can build relationships with other students or teachers, which expands the field of learning. These are just a few of the ways that using technology in the classroom can benefit our students. I truly enjoyed hearing Ms. Cassidy's views on technology in the classroom, and look forward to using them in my classroom!


  1. Jenna,
    This post was very involved and had a lot of important information for aspiring teachers. I too have viewed this video and was amazed at what these students knew about technology use and some of what they knew were things I myself had not yet mastered. We are in a time where viewing such things that Mrs. Cassidy does with her students can be so useful to our time once in the classroom. Believe it or not students are attracted to the use of technology such as having their work portrayed on the internet for everyone, not just the teacher to critique. I feel you have a great view of technology use and it is nice to see that you feel its positivity with student instruction. Great post and best of luck with your career!!

  2. Jenna, your post was amazing! You got very detailed and gave lots of information, good job!
    Amberly Elmore