Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project #16: Progress Report

Since Project 16 is a collaborative project, I have joined with five other students from EDM310 to work on this project. We made sure to get special permission from Dr. Strange since our group had so many members. The six people in our group are Miranda Tidikis, Ashleigh Skelton, Jennifer Hackney, Kenneth Nelson, Kristan Steele, and me (Jenna Baxter). The group decided to go with my idea of creating a video of how beneficial the lab can be in EDM310. We will have one member dress up as Dr. Strange, two members dress up as lab assistants, two people be the students in need of help, and then of course have someone filming. I am really exciting about creating this video and hope that it will be very beneficial to future students in EDM310!

people putting together puzzle pieces that say team work

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