Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Assignment 5

Eagle Nest Radio and Class Blog

How cute and what a great way to learn! To hear those students doing a radio show about Ancient Rome was really great! These kids really seemed to know a lot about the architecture, gladiators, Cleopatra,and Caesar. I believe that students tend to learn better by doing things hands on, instead of just reading about it. This podcast was a great way to show that. I am sure these students learned so much more by having to do a radio show. It really takes effort and creativity to pull something like that off, and those kids really done it. I hope to be able to incorporate things like this podcast into my classroom when I become a teacher.

Since we had to do a podcast for Project 8, this audio was very useful. Many of the people in my group had never done a podcast before, so we needed some guidance. My group also incorporated the radio theme into our podcast. We also had a host like the kids on Eagle Nest Radio, and each member of our group had something different to report on. Once again way a great way to learn and incorporate technology into education!

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
By Joe Dale

This video does a great job of showing the many benefits of podcasting. Being fairly new to the idea of podcasting, this video really showed me the wide range of things that can be done. Joe Dale really hit on a lot of things that I had never thought of. One thing that I found good about podcasts was that students who are sick no longer have to come to school and expose others to their germs. These students can stay at home until they feel better, but will not be missing out on important lectures. I think this is reason enough to use podcasts in the classroom, but there were also other things I found interesting.

The students in Mr. Dale's classroom seemed to really enjoy learning through the podcasts. They found that it kept them more interested in the lesson and they could relate better. I believe anything that gets the students more involved is beneficial to everyone. I also liked the creativity that is used in making the podcasts. By encouraging our students to create their own podcasts, we are putting creativity back where it belongs- in the classroom! These are just a few of the benefits of using podcasts in the classroom, but they are enough to convince me!

Podcast Collection
By Judy Scharf

This website was really helpful. In her Podcast Collection, Judy Scharf shows teachers how to incorporate podcasts into their classrooms. She also lists some very helpful tips including getting to know how to use Audacity and listening to other podcasts before creating your own. While I did not get used to Audacity as much as I would have liked to before doing my podcast, I did listen to how other people did their podcast and I thought it was useful.

Scharf also gives some very interesting podcast topics and shows you some ways to research those topics. Some other great things about the Podcast Collection are the links to YouTube and TeacherTube, which show you how to make a podcast. Scharf also gives reasons for why podcasts should be used in the classroom and leaves a rubric that can be used to grade the podcast. I believe this website was very useful and look forward to using it a lot when I become a teacher.

Dog recording a podcast

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  1. I thought the Eagle Radio podcast was super cute as well! I also hope to incorporate this style of learning into my classroom, because children need more of this kind of learning to succeed and gain knowledge. Learning through podcasts offers so many wonderful benefits, it is hard to not incorporate them into the classroom. Like you mentioned, coming to school while sick is the worst thing you could do with everything that is going around now, so podcasts definitely benefit in that area. I love your pic! Good luck with class, you sound like a very driven person!