Sunday, February 13, 2011

Special Assignment 2

Watson vs. Jeopardy Stars

This article really concerns me. While I am glad that technology has advanced over the years, I am worried if there will ever be a stopping point. Sure it will be great for our students and children to be able to get an answer for any question with just a few key strokes, but if they are able to do this will there be any need for teachers or many other careers? I am not quite sure that I want a computer to be smarter than humans. While this is most likely a reality, with Watson possibly beating some of the best Jeopardy players, I think it is best to be prepared.

We need to continue learning everything we can about computers and how to use them. We must not allow ourselves to ever be that far behind technology. And this notion that computers will be inside our bodies! Please just count me out! I hope that we can find some kind of middle ground between technology being useful and dangerous. I think the next few years are going to be interesting, and I will just continue to expand my knowledge on technology in order to keep up.

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